It is the policy of SYC that racing members, may be required to undertake at least three duties a year. It is your responsibility to effect a swap to any allocated duty you cannot make. Please do not email the office as they cannot arrange duty swaps for you. Thanks.

Graham Cranford Smith 

Rear Commodore Sailing

Guidance for Safety Boat drivers - Below is a reminder of our summary

  • At all times ALWAYS wear a kill cord
  • Always wear a buoyancy aid or life jacket
  • Stop the engine when recovering persons out of the water
  • Prevent injury from prop-strike
  • Please report to the office any faults you may discover with the boats promptly.

Please also read the RYA article Avoiding Prop-Strikes and RYA important advice re Kill cords which we recommend.

For an improvement in our safety procedures please could we all encourage each other to use a kill cord each and every time we use the Safety Boats.

Please look above to see the duties for the upcoming weeks, to view duties for the whole year click here.